Robert Solomon

Robert Solomon

Strategic Advisor, Business leader, Technologist, Executive Coach, and Inventor

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Get help without the fear of being judged

How often have you felt that you were not getting the real story or the full story. You wanted to bounce ideas off your staff or board, but you were afraid that they would perceive this as weakness. You wanted a true assessment of a staff member, but you felt that you were not getting the real story.

It is not weakness to ask questions! With Wisdom Advisors, you can ask questions and get answers without the fear of being judged. No question is stupid. No question is unimportant. Similarly, your staff may fear you. We can obtain answers to questions that you cannot. Staff members will often tell us the real story because they do not fear us.

We are not entrenched in your day-to-day operations. Thus, we will "see" things that you cannot and we will pass these insights back to you.